Our Services


All aspects of foraging work with the ability to harvest grass, whole crop cereals and maize.


Umbilical Slurry Spreading

Various combinations of slurry spreading equipment are available. Including a 12m dribble bar, splash plate and 32m dribble bars for working within tramlines.

Up to 4 of these kits can be used at once and can be combined to reach most distances.

Our equipment is also fitted with GPS technology and flow meters to ensure accurate and precise spreading.

Claas Xerion & Tanker

Our Claas Xerion & tanker uses a 36m boom to work within large tramlines and reduce ground pressure.


Slurry Tanking

Tankers are available with a variety of attachments:

- 24m dribble bar for our 20 cubic metre Samson tanker.

- Splash plate, 12m dribble bar and transfer work available     with our 16 cubic metre Joskin Tanker.

Baling, Chasing and Stacking

All aspects of baling covered from 120x70 bales to 120x90 bales using our Krone balers.

We also run 2 Claas balers (3300 & 5200).

Bale chasing is available using our dedicated Arcusins bale chaser.

Our bale stacking service is also available.


Hay & Straw Sales

PM Joseph are able to provide both straw and hay to suit your needs including wrapped haylage.

Please get in touch with us for a quote or to discuss availability!


Tedding and Raking

10-rotor Claas tedder available, suitable for all field sizes.

We have 4, 2 and single rotor raking available.



Mowing is available using our Claas butterfly mowers.

Available in both regular and reverse drive format to suit your needs.

Ploughing and Combination Drilling

Our equipment allows us to cultivate all soil types whilst our combination drill can establish grass and cereal crops.


Maize Drilling

Using our 8-row Vaderstad Tempo drill.

Our machine allows us to apply variable rate fertiliser applications and includes seed section control cut off.


General Haulage Work

We have a variety of equipment to suit your needs, including low-loader haulage, bale carting, silage carting and dump trailer work.

Further Information

For further information about our equipment, or for details on pricing - please contact us using the information below!